Open Letter to PE Teachers – What you put in to a community, you get back!

This is the post excerpt.

As you are all aware, I am a firm believer in #sharingiscaring and that what you put in – you get back! I have worked tirelessly with PEople on creating the not-for-profit movement, ‘The National PE TeachMeet Initiative’ (@TeachMeetPE), and soon I will be launching a networking platform solely for PE Teachers, ‘Share Learn Teach’ (@ShareLearnTPE). You may be thinking, “Great… want a medal?” No, actually. No I don’t!

I don’t write letters and I don’t write blogs. Some of this is to do with the fact that, actually, my literacy isn’t the strongest, BUT, on this occasion, I feel that I need to get my opinion heard and here I can do this in more than 140 characters. What I do want is for people to read this and then hopefully the impact might be that individuals realise that a little bit of TIME given up goes along way for helping another individual, and that what you put in…you will get back.

I know that there are not enough hours in the day and that all education professionals feel tired, stressed and undervalued (well maybe not all). I also know from working in a school that individuals like to talk about this. So what? I am asking PEople to give up some TIME, as cherished as it is, to put back into the PE community. Go out of your way to share something on social media, on a Google drive shared folder, via TeachMeet, or just within your department.  

 I have noticed two things from leading on the TeachMeet PE Initiative: 1) that SOME education professionals feel their ideas are ‘not worthy’ or 2) that SOME feel the idea they share is a reflection of them as a person or a teaching professional, and therefore don’t share. I have also noticed that educators are willing to take or listen to ideas but it’s more difficult to reverse the process. I plea with you to change this mindset-the mindset we educate our pupils NOT to have! That one idea or that one thing you use daily that makes you a great PE professional could change someone else’s day, and then that snowballs.

 I am not asking you all to get up now and register to present at a TeachMeet but I am asking PEople to be more receptive to the idea that YOU DO GREAT THINGS EVERYDAY AND PEOPLE ARE NOT JUDGING YOU. Why not share that? If you start to share, others around you will, the culture changes and you too will receive many other good ideas from those in your community.

 Lets stop moaning about the educational reforms and the demands of theoretical concepts from exam boards; lets stop talking about how hard it is to be an educational professional. Instead, lets use that time and energy to become a community working towards a singular purpose – to make ourselves better.



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